This moment… this moment, right here, is something I have been dreaming about for almost three years.

But let me tell you a secret… 3 ½ years ago, it wasn’t even on my bucket list. This is 100% a dream God put on my heart, and He gave me the super-human strength to endure this journey.

But here’s something else. You see those three beautiful girls reading that book. They were not my plan either. I can remember finding out I was pregnant with baby #3, six and half years ago… I am ashamed to say that I was mad. This was not my plan. We had the “perfect family” of four. I didn’t want to be pregnant again…I just lost all the baby weight.

God was doing some serious work on my heart during this time. I was learning something very important. My plans may be good, but God’s plans are for greatness! It was a hard lesson to learn, but one that I am so grateful for! Renee, if you just submit to His will, you will have God- sized dreams!

Before that pregnancy was even over, I had a new dream in my heart to have a big family.

I cannot imagine my life without my #3. I am so glad God saw me fit to be her mom. (And the mom of #4, 5, and 6 too.) I could only see what was in front and me, and He could see all of what could be.

If I would have had things my way, I would never have been able to write this book or the next ones. These girls were my inspiration, a true gift from God. These girls are such a blessing to me in more ways than words on a page can explain.

This dream was never a dream I could have dreamed on my own. It’s so much better!