As I walked into the kitchen this morning, I noticed the beautiful sunrise peaking through the trees. Then I glanced at the thermometer and looked down at my dog asking to go out. It’s freezing out there. Let’s make this quick. I thought as I bundled up and put the leash on my pup.

But as I walked into the grass, I looked up and noticed that sunrise. It was even more beautiful. More colors. More vibrant. More real. Thank you God, for the sunrise each morning.

Then I went back inside. You know, from inside, that sunrise was just not the same. I’m looking at it through a window. The window has some smudges on it. There’s a little bit of reflection on the glass. It’s just not the same…

I mean it is the same.

It’s the same sunrise.

The experience is just different.

The experience is different.

Wow! That puts things in perspective. Let’s look at that in a parallel to your faith life.

Are you experiencing your faith, or are you looking at it through a window… or another filter?

It’s the same God. Jesus. Holy Spirit. He will never change.

But are you experiencing Him in His fullness?  

I am currently in an Evangelism class at Liberty University. I wish everyone could take this class! It is so inspiring! (and I’m only in week 1) Ok- there’s a point to me telling you this. Here it is:

According to one of my books, 85% of youth students will walk away from the church. But 85% of youth students whose parents DO ministry with their kids, will remain strong in their faith. [1]

Here’s another statistic for you, over 200 million Americans are unchurched. This makes America the fourth largest nation of unchurched people behind China, India, and Indonesia.[2] Yes, the word unchurched is used there. There is a difference between unchurched and not Christian- I get that.

But the point here is that people are walking away from church by a large amount! It’s not that they do not believe. They’re not renouncing Christianity. It’s that they are getting caught up in what the world tells them too.

I believe it’s because they have been living their faith behind glass. They haven’t experienced their faith. They haven’t been fully submersed into their faith. I actually think most people stop going to church because they do not really understand their faith in the first place. They end up buying into secular and Christian thoughts and somewhere in the middle they lose desire.

If that’s you, hear me- that’s ok! Reach out to someone who you know is strong in their faith and get some resources. We can help you understand Christianity better.

If you are a parent, I hope this lights a fire under you. You HAVE to do ministry WITH your kids! Faith cannot be a Sunday only thing. It is the worldview in which you see everything! Teach it to your kids. Share it with them. Model it. Your kids need you to live out your faith WITH them, or they will become one of those statistics.

Don’t live your faith behind glass. Go experience it!

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22

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