Ok-parents of multiple littles. Have you ever been walking around a store, a park, the zoo, a museum, a radom parking lot… ok-pretty much anywhere… counted your children, and said, “____, where are you?”

And then a little voice, from quite literally right next to you, responded, “Right here mom.”         *Truth- this happens almost everytime I go out with my kids. 

That little voice, that little human, was just walking in a blind spot. Right next to you or possible slightly behind you. Nevertheless, she was exactly where she was expected to be. You just couldn’t see her.

Well, that’s exactly what just happened to me with God.

blind spot

If I’m being honest, this last week has been hectic. There’s nothing major going on, more like a buildup of little things. It’s just been a little busier than normal. Work slowed down to an almost stop, so I got a little nervous, a little off my game. My kids… well they’re kids… so the noise seemed just a little louder.  I became a little more irritable than normal, so my husband started to get on my nerves.

Everything was just building. Then I read one of my own blogs from a couple weeks ago.

How could my relationship with God be so different just a couple weeks ago?

As I sat and wondered, `God, where are you?’ I got that little nudge from right next to me saying, “Right here.”

I didn’t even have to turn around. He wasn’t behind me, in front of me, or a long away off. He was/is right here.

He did not change.  He is with me always.

I put Him in my blind spot. I took my eyes off Him.I allowed the busyness to get in the way.

See, I tried to add a study to my devotion/alone time with God, but instead I took away the intimacy with God, and I felt it. The result was me being distant from God… and I didn’t even realize it.

Praise God He is right there. No matter how far I drift, He is constant. He is pursuing me. Chasing me with His grace! I don’t deserve it. I mess up so much. But I have a good God who gives me the perfect example of love.

I’m not sure what your blind spot is. Maybe, like me, its work, family, or busyness. Maybe it’s a relationship… possessions… roles you play…

Whatever it is, I guarantee is not worth your peace.  Take your eyes off it. Look to God.  

He has been there all along. He wants you to give him your burden. He wants you to walk in His peace. He does not want you to do it all alone.

We all fall into the traps of blind spots. I truly think keeping us busy is one of the enemy’s best tactics. When we are busy, we become self-centered. We take our focus off God.  

Whats a girl to do in our go- go- go- culture?

We must stand guard and be aware. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).”

I’d love to tell you I have this all figured out. Here’s three steps to ensure that you can do this. But I can’t. I just told you I’ve had a week of interrupted peace. A week where I let my guard down. 

But let me tell you where I noticed my struggles the most: 

1- In my morning time with God. It got interrupted. I tried to change what I was doing and put the focus on me. Therefore, it became a checklist, not a meeting with the most important person in my life. 

2- In my relationships. Yep. I let little things bug me and let the people I love know about it. I stopped extending grace and started expecting my unspoken wants and needs to be taken care of. Also, I did not take a single situation to God in prayer all week. 

3-My prayer life- It halted. Normally prayer is an on-going conversation with God throughout the day. Thank you God for this. God please give me some patience. God, how I can show these people your love? It’s just an on-going conversation. Well, like I just said, that didn’t happen. 

But here’s the really good news. As soon as I asked, “God,  where are you?” I heard him. 

He hadn’t gone anywhere. He was just waiting for me to slow down, look up, and realize how lost I am without Him. He’s a good God, and He will not force you to have a relationship with Him. It has to be a choice. You have to put forth the effort. No matter how big or small that step is, take it. I promise you, He will meet you where you are. 

God, Thank you for being a good God who cares. You never leave our sides. You are there to guide us and lead us, if we let you. Help us to avoid those blind spots. Help us to be so focused on you, and your will, that we will not be led astray. Lead us in your ways, Lord. It’s all about you! In Jesus name, I pray.