This morning I made my coffee, I smiled at my coffee mug that was given to me this Christmas. “All I need today is a little bit of Coffee & a whole lot of Jesus.” So true.

But is it backwards? I mean really. I’m a mom of six. I teach kids in China online starting at 4 am some days. I NEED my coffee to function.

The first thing I do every morning- I make coffee…

I want to treat Jesus the way I treat my coffee.

If I don’t have coffee, you can tell. I’m cranky. And I’ll develop a headache before too long.  

But if I don’t have my Jesus, can you tell?

I can. Days I skip my time with Jesus, I’m just off. Things feel rushed. I am more on edge and less loving.

But I don’t wake up and think, I must get my Jesus, or I can’t function today. Maybe I should.

I need Jesus emotionally and spiritually the way I need coffee physically!