My older five children love playing Hide and Seek with their dad in the evenings. Last night, they were playing, while their baby brother just ran around them pretending to play too.

Well, at one point my oldest hid behind the curio cabinet. It was a pretty good spot. Until baby brother spotted him. Then he ran straight over to the cabinet, started peeking behind it, and laughed. Older brother tried to shoe him off, but baby brother thought it was hysterical.

And so did mom who just sat on the couch watching it.  

Hide and Seek.

Fun kid game.

Or do we carry this concept into our relationships too?

What about our relationship with God?

It all started in the garden. Adam and Eve broke the one rule they were given, and they hid themselves.

They tried to hide from God. But God knew. Yet He still asked the question, “Where are you?” He knew, why did he ask? My theory is so that they would have the opportunity to come clean with Him.

They couldn’t run. They couldn’t hide. But they could be forgiven.

We do this same thing. We mess up, we try to cover it up, we try to hide it. We may even try to run from it. But even when you run, He knows where you are. God is pursuing you. He will not stop until you stop hiding.

But that’s not a bad thing. It’s an amazing, loving type of pursuit. A pursuit for your heart.  It’s a very good thing. You have the choice to keep hiding. You have the choice to keep that secret sin hidden.

But there is freedom in surrender.

I remember when I could tell God was calling me to start sharing my story. I cried. I didn’t want to. What would people think? (hmmm… can you tell what my not-so-secret sin is? People pleasing, man’s approval.)

But in sharing that struggle… that sin that has held me captive… I am literally throwing off those chains that once held me down.

I am saying out loud, sin you have no power over me because God has defeated you, and He is leading me now.

I thought when I started sharing, that I would be helping others. Maybe I was, but really, I was freeing myself.

All sin and fall short. Daily. So, stop pretending. Stop hiding.

Admit your sin. Give it up to God. And then follow Him. Let Him lead you down a different path.

Hiding yourself and your sin will only lead you to isolation. Don’t do it.

Share your story.

Share your struggle.

Let other people come along side of you and pray.

When you do this, you are telling the enemy who you belong to- and it’s not him.

You are a daughter (or son) of the Heavenly King! You are His! He loves you despite your sin. He wants a relationship with you even when you are running away from Him and hiding. He forgives you the second you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior!

Stop hiding.

Start sharing the love of your Father.