Title: If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart

Author: Jill Roman Lord

Illustrator: Amy Wummer

Publisher: Worthy Kids

Summary: A new size for this sweet and brightly colored board book that explores the presence of Jesus in our lives. If Jesus lived inside our hearts, would it show in our daily actions? This delightful little story explores just that as the toddlers in the story learn to be kind and generous in a variety of situations. The book may be used by parents as an introduction to Jesus and a way to discuss the many ways He lives within us. Bright and engaging illustrations from Amy Wummer enhance the appeal of the book to young children. Ages 2-5.

My thoughts: What a perfect way to show your kids what it means to live as if Jesus were in your heart. This book illustrates practical ways to show the love of Jesus and reminds kids that sometimes you will mess up. It is a great conversation starter and introduction to Chrisitan principals that goes beyond, “Jesus loves me this I know.” I highly suggest reading it with your kids. I

Note: We have the Kindle version, and it is excellent! I think the age suggestion is because it is a board book. If you are reading it on the Kindle version, I would not suggest an age bracket of 2-5, but more like 2-8. Even your older kids may enjoy it. (Suggestion- have them read it to a sibling or younger child)