Sometimes I wonder if chasing this dream of being an established Christian Children’s Book author is worth it. The insane amount of rejection, critiques, and let downs can really wear on someone… especially one who just realized she tends to run to the well of approval. (Sermon from CIY on the Samaritan Woman at the Well.)

Well today is my daughter, Faith’s, birthday. After dinner, my son gave her the sweetest card that he had made. It alluded to her being a princess in God’s kingdom. It was so sweet! It melted my heart. Because in that moment, right there, I knew that everything related to this book project was worth it. My kids are seeing the world through a Christian worldview and thinking creativity to share it!

If this book doesn’t sell another copy, this journey was 100% worth it because the most important people in my life were impacted in a Kingdom Way! And for that, I am grateful.

However, I’d really like to share this message with other kids. So, please help me spread the word. These books show the Christian worldview is practical and can be lived out!