I NEED your help! I am quite literally, “just a nobody, trying to tell everybody, all about Somebody, who saved my soul.” (In case you didn’t catch the reference- it’s Casting Crown’s song “Nobody.”)

The most common reason this Book Project was rejected from publishers and agents alike was my lack of platform. And with BIG name Christians like Candace Cameron Bure and Joanna Gaines releasing Christian Children’s book last month, who can blame the industry for passing over a nobody like me.

So, in order to get the word out about this book and this book’s message I NEED YOU! Please help me spread the word. Tell your friends and family and anyone you love with a little princess about this book!

One of the best ways to spread the word is by leaving a review. Currently, Goodreads is the only place you can leave a review until release day (February 25). But after release day, you can leave a review anywhere that sells the book like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Since I want to spread the word about this book, I have been trying to get the book into hands of people who would enjoy it and be able to share it.

As I have begun to ask people to leave an honest review on Goodreads, I have found myself wondering… what would a review for God look like?

  • Highly Recommend.
  • Saved My life.

What about a review for Christianity?

  • Good people.
  • Love Jesus.

Our Church?

  •                 Nice worship.
  •                 Good activities.

Sadly, my ideas of reviews were less than three to four words. At first, I was frustrated by this, but then I realized maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe, just maybe, that’s because it is impossible to tell someone just what all God has done for me with a simple review space. I can leave a catchy slogan like, “Life Saver” on the page, but until I can share with you just how he saved my life, it’s just a word on a page.

Maybe, that testimony reaches far beyond the words of a page and needs to be spoken in order to be fully absorbed.

I’ve learned that all testimonies, all parts of a testimony, have the power to inspire another person in their faith. But this is not my doing; it’s the work of the Holy Spirit.

I have also learned that not all parts of my testimony are meant for all believers. I am more than willing to share that testimony, but somethings are not going to strengthen you on your walk. Somethings need to be personal and shared personally.

I will always be a walking billboard of faith. But that billboard will not reach everyone at the exact same time or in the exact same place.  

So, my review of God, Christianity, and Church:

Highly recommended. Please ask me for more details. I’d be happy to share!