My little guy is 17 months old now. He’s so vocal! His favorite words are “MOM!” and “No!” For the most part, we can make out what he is saying, because he makes sure to get to the point by pulling us or throwing things in our direction.

But one of the first words he had was “Read.” He learned quickly that books mean someone will read the book to you. So, he regularly walks up to me, or his dad, or his big brother/sister with a book in hand and says, “Read.” What we have all learned, he is not all that interested in reading the book. He usually goes to get another one mid-way through the first. He is more interested in spending time with the person reading that book.

Books- Bible

Go ahead- think about your Bible reading time. I sure did! This made me think of my morning time with God. Yes, I am eager to read my Bible and learn about God. I am also just as eager to spend time with my Heavenly Father.

They go together! Book in hand= love! Spending time together=love!

To my baby, books= love and quality time. For me, the Bible=love and quality time!

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