One of my favorite things to come out of this Quarantine is all the games we have been playing. Yesterday my girls asked me to play a matching game with them. Within about 10 minutes we had most of the pairs matched. But then we were left with nine cards. At first, I jut kept going like normal assuming we would quickly find the matches, considering we already found most of them. (At this point the odd number didn’t even catch my attention or alarm me.)

But then it kept going. And kept going. Finally, I realized there were only nine cards left. One of those isn’t a match, but which one. So, I strategically flipped over the two on the top. Then the next two. Then the two below that. Finally, I realized, none of those have a match. I bet, these ones on bottom don’t match either. So after two more rounds and no one getting a match, I said, “I bet these don’t match,” and we flipped all the cards over. Guess what- they didn’t match!

We were playing a matching game with pieces that didn’t match! And the game went on and on and on and on with no progress.

This is like living life without a purpose. Life goes on and on and on and on. Though you may reach a goal, have stats that look good on paper, and have made worldly achievements, it doesn’t satisfy.

Trust me! I did it. When I was young, I tried to find my purpose, my identity, in sports. When I realized I could never achieve a sports goal beyond high school, I tried to find my identity/purpose in relationships- friendships and dating. I became an excellent “people pleaser” but it was only rewarding when I was with people. So, when that didn’t sustain satisfaction, I tried partying… that only left me feeling empty. So, I focused on school. I graduated college with a 3.94, but even that didn’t give me purpose beyond graduation… no one cares what your GPA was in college once you get a “real job.” I tried to find my worth in my family, my kids… they’re awesome, but they are not my god…

Don’t get me wrong, things in this world can give you satisfaction, but it fleeting. It cannot sustain you. There is only one thing that can satisfy that hunger, that thirst, and that is Jesus who called Himself the living water.

When you look for purpose outside of God, life is meaningless. It’s like chasing the wind.

Once I surrender to God’s will, I learned my will was only ok. His will was amazing! I never would have thought to be a homeschooling mom of 6, a pastor’s wife, a blogger, author, online ESL teacher… all of that was God’s plan and I am so blessed to be part of it! Is this life without problems and grief? By no means! But knowing that the Lord is walking with me through those difficult times, makes those times also a joy.

Don’t play a never-ending game of “Matching”… or chasing earthly pleasure… Find you purpose, your identity, in the One who created you with a purpose on purpose.