Today’s sermon- Knowing God has a plan that includes you is different than you having a plan which hopefully includes Him.

Acts 19:11-16

God was working through Paul. Doing such extraordinary things through him. Some people thought- I can do that too. So these men made a plan to include “the God that Paul preaches about…” and got their butts kicked by an evil spirit.

These men had a plan and added the God they didn’t know to their plan. And it didn’t turn out well for them.

God can’t just be part of your plan.

Paul was working with God and God did amazing things through Him!

God invites us to be part of His plan too.

You GET to be part of His plan.

You probably don’t understand His plan.. that’s ok.

Just like I don’t tell my kids all the details when we get in the car to go somewhere… usually on purpose. God doesn’t tell us all the details- on purpose.

We have to trust Him that His plans are good.

And join Him in His work.