Yesterday I had to go to the doctor. I have a very tight, sore throat. I really did not want to go to the doctor among this CoVID 19 virus, but after weeks of having this annoying sore throat- it was only getting worse.

For a week, my kids and I had not left the house. My husband went grocery shopping for us, and he does still go to work. But my kids and I have stayed home. This really is not a change for me. I am an introverted, homeschooling mom of 6… but still.

So, as I ventured out, I was shocked how many people were still out and about. I honestly would not have known there was a Social Distancing Order intact. I know people have to make money and still need to work… But this was mid- morning. It really made me sad. I teach ESL online to Chinese children.  They have been under lock-down since late January. I know the realities of this virus, and to see people not heed warning… it’s sad.

Anyways, my doctor’s visit. From the second I walked in, they were sanitizing everything. They gave me a mask as soon as I walked in. They cleaned behind me- everything I touched and breathed on. They are doing a really good job!

I got called back to a room rather quickly and saw the nurse and my doctor. I was asked if I was alone in the waiting room, because they believe the patient that came in after me was a CoVID patient. I was alone. I never saw this patient. But I could see the worry in my doctor’s eyes. I could overhear her talking to the nurses. Her hands were tied. She couldn’t treat this patient, and she really did not know what to do.

This is when the reality of this virus hit me. My doctor. The doctor who accurately diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s in less than 2 weeks (which is next to unheard of) was flustered. The anxiety was real. The feelings are real.  

I say this to tell you- pray for your doctors and nurses. Seriously, they are going to work everyday and don’t know how to fully do the job they are being asked to do. But they are doing it anyways. They have real feelings, but they are hiding them to serve you.

If there is anyway you can show your support to your doctor- do it! Even if you haven’t seen her/him. Send a thank you note.  (I thought about sending flowers or cookies, but then I realized with the scare of who came in contact with what, it’s probably not a good idea.) I don’t know what you can do, but I do know that anything is better than nothing. Let them know you love and appreciate them! They really do need it.