As most of you know I have six kids that I homeschool. One of the biggest reasons we continue to homeschool is flexibility. Simply put- I do not want to be on other people’s schedules. I enjoy the flexibility in our time. This school year we joined a Community Bible Study in which I agreed to arrive at the time my kids are usually just waking up. We’ve adjusted well, but a couple months ago we had a rough morning.

We got up early and were on track to be out the door in time. My oldest grabbed the box of supplies and asked his sister to open the door for him. To which her response was, “No.”

I sharply informed my daughter “no” was not an option, and she better get that door right now. Well, seconds later she was crying with a bloody nose. Apparently with a little attitude, she slammed her head into the storm door.

Where we were on time… now we were pushing it. A nose needed attended to. Blood needed to be cleaned up. An ice pack needed to be made. Clothes needed to be changed. Somehow, we were still going to be on time. BUT everyone’s peace was disrupted.

Then we were like 5 minutes from the church, when I realized I forgot my bag with my bible, my book, and all materials. I pulled over, sent some texts to let people know we would be late, and turned around. “It’ s ok, we are just going to be late,” I said out loud.

Then a peace just completely overwhelmed me. Maybe that forgotten bag was a blessing in disguise. Maybe we, all of us, needed that extra time to recharge, reset, and start correctly.

So, I vocalized that to my children. Immediately, the atmosphere changed. The kids and I started a really great discussion.

I shared this analogy I heard years ago as a sermon illustration.

Pretend I am holding a cup of coffee, and someone bumps into me. Coffee spills everywhere. Why did the coffee spill?

Obviously, my kids jump straight into saying, “because someone hit you.”

Sorry guys, coffee wouldn’t have spilled if the cup was empty. Or if water was in the cup, water would have spilled. Coffee spilled because coffee was in the cup.

What flowed out of the cup was what was inside the cup.

The same goes for our hearts. What is in our hearts is what will come out.

What’s your reaction when someone bumps into you?

Is it anger and frustration?

Or is it understanding and compassion?

We want that overflow of our heart to be on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit- Love, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. But that is much easier said than done.

It’s so easy and natural to fall back in anger, bitterness, resentment, and frustration.

That’s why it is so important to fill our hearts with Jesus.

That’s why meeting with Jesus every day is so important. That’s why we need to pray. That’s why we need to read our Bible. That’s why we need fellowship. That’s why Bible Studies groups are so important.

We need to fill our hearts with Jesus so when we get bumped (because we will), Jesus spills out. So, the Fruits of the Spirit can be the overflow of our hearts.  

Thank you, Lord, for Your steadfast love. Lord, forgive me for the time the fruits of the Spirit are not the overflow of my heart. Thank You for Your presence, Your provision, Your guidance, and Your peace. Fill my cup with Your love, Your mercy, and Your goodness. And let it overflow from my heart. Help me shine Your Light as the overflow of my heart and love for you. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen