As I sit here reflecting on the current state of my country, I’m at a loss. My biggest issue is that I do not know what to believe.

For months, I have bought into the Pro-Trump propaganda that the election was rigged. Not really because of what Trump stated or because of any proof, but because of how hard the media was working to discredit him.

However, the events of yesterday had me really questioning… what if Trump’s wrong and the election wasn’t rigged. What if this is all for not, and it really is conspiracy theories… what if it’s not true…

Whoever broke into the capitol building clearly had no plan. Why did they do it? Why did the police not stop them? They accomplished nothing except interrupt the meeting that was finally getting their voices heard over election fraud… This could not have been the intent… or was it?

Would Biden being president really be that bad! I mean as long as we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech, my life can carry on…

So, I was sitting at my kitchen table just wishing I knew what to believe.

Whoever controls the narrative, controls the people… unfortunately, both sides of the narrative have an agenda, and I am just a pawn for both of them…

What do I believe? What’s the truth?

Then I looked at the Bible sitting on my table.

Truth. There it is. Right there. God so loved the world that He sent His son to save us all. He is coming back. And it is our job, as Christians, to make sure everyone knows the freedom they have in Christ.

Whoever controls the narrative, controls the people…

 But not you Lord.

You gave the people free will to choose to love you back.

You never wanted control, you wanted love.

Love. That’s what I want to be known for.

From now on I will not identify as Republican or Democrat. I am a Christian. I will not identify as Pro-this or Pro-that. I am a Christian. The only title that matters in the one that shows love not division.

My heart is heavy for America, but the only answer to our problems is found in Christ! Love.