“You don’t know what you don’t know…”

In the Spring of 2017, I felt called to write… specifically, a Christian children’s book series. As I was seeking to fill out my submission forms to various agents and publishers, I found the section: competitive titles.

Competitive Titles??? Outside of Veggie Tales, I had no idea what other Christian children’s books were out there… and I was a mom of five young kids (at the time). So, I went to the local Christian bookstore (which has closed since then) and stumbled upon several amazing books that found their way onto my kids’ book shelves.

Fast forward a few years… I finally got published… now I need to tell people… I started looking for people who blog and help promote Christian children’s books… I found that not many people do this. Also, those who do were terribly backlogged on submissions…

So, a new call became apparent- Share those resources!

Throughout this course of becoming a Christian Children’s book author I have been blessed to find amazing resources for my kids!

Now I want to share those blessings with you!

The new section of this blog:

Christian Children’s Book Reviews

In each review you will find the basics: title/author/illustrator/publisher

Then you will find a summary of the book.

After the summary I will give you my opinion of the book.  Please know, this opinion is coming from a mom with six children. My oldest and youngest are eight years apart. Yes, eight years. That means they are very close in age. For the majority of my motherhood existence, I have had three children who do not know how to read handing me book after book to read with them. I have learned the difference between books that are “read with me” and “read to me.” I have learned which books will keep interest and which will never again get pulled off the shelf. I have also learned that not all the favorites are specifically Christian, and that is 100% ok. But for the purposes of this blog, I will focus on Christian children’s book. Because it’s the Christian ones that do not seem to get enough circulation.

As of now, I plan to review a book a week. If you have ideas or suggestions, please send them my way.

If you are an author of a Christian children’s book, please reach out. I would love to review your book and help you spread the message.