As we sat in the van at the pharmacy window waiting on my prescription, I noticed the people inside the store. One man was standing in line at the pharmacy wearing rubber gloves- smart for protection against COVID. He was talking to a lady wearing a mask. Also, smart to prevent the spread of COVID. But then the man took his hand (covered with a glove) and touched his face several times in the five minutes we were at the window.  

That glove he is wearing was supposedly protecting him from coming in contact with the virus. So that glove could have the virus on it. Well, if it does the glove would protect him, right! Well, it can’t do its job if you’re going to stick, the virus covered glove, in your mouth! There is no point in wearing a glove!

I wish this was the first time I could say I saw people wearing protective gear who just missed the point of protection.

At the gas station. There was a woman with a face mask and gloves on. SMART! But then she got in her car wearing the mask and gloves that could now have the virus on them. What’s more, she pulled out her phone, a device that is pretty much on her 24/7, with her hands still in the gloves that possibly just came in contact with the virus. She played with her phone, sent text with her phone, and then… took the phone to her face.

Protective gear is only protective if you understand how it works. These items are supposed to be protecting you from coming in contact with the virus. So, if you wear them, throw them away before you come back into your personal space which has hopefully not been contaminated.

As I watch the numbers of COVID 19 spread across the world, I wonder if this could have been prevented with people heeding the warnings. If people listened and obeyed. If people wore the protective gear properly.

Then I wonder how God must feel. This world has been infected with a virus known as sin since the man fell in Genesis. God has already sent the cure- Jesus. Yet people reject the cure or only wear the badge of Christianity partially.

God has given us the resources to know Him- The Holy Spirit, the Bible, the testimony of other believers, prayer- the ability to speak to Him… But people would rather do their own thing spreading the virus of sin. He has taught people how to stand firm in their faith through the virus of sin, but people only half-heartedly wear the armor and forget to protect their faces… or hearts.

Look, I truly think the reason for this COVID 19 spread is due to unbelief. No one believed that it was worse than the flu. Everyone thought that people were over-reacting. Many people still are not heeding the social distancing warning.  There is a big difference between not being afraid of the virus and being ignorant to the virus. We must use wisdom. When Joseph was told a famine would come over Egypt, he didn’t spread fear, he used wisdom and helped Egypt survive the famine.

The same is true for this sin virus. We must use wisdom. No one really thinks it that big of a deal… unless you are the one that has been sinned against. But no one really thinks their sin is that big of a deal. My friend, you are wrong. Your sin separates you from God. It is a big deal. It keeps you from living in communion with God. It keeps you from living in His fullness.

But you don’t have to fix your sin. You just have to accept the free gift of the cure that has already been given- Jesus. Once you accept this cure, you won’t want to stay the same. The Holy Spirit will begin to show you how to overcome that sin and protect your heart.

But first, you have to admit there is a problem. Second you have to admit Jesus is the Cure! Then embrace the new life you have been given in Christ!