The only thing worse than being sick on Christmas, is your kids being sick the days following. My husband came down with an awful sickness the week before Christmas. He explained it as feeling like death. Well, then I also came down with the same sickness. His explanation was pretty spot on. It was miserable!

Somehow, we managed to get through Christmas only slightly miserably. But then the next day, while we were still recovering… BAM! Sick children. And not just one… three…

Well, at least they just saw mom and dad feeling the exact same way.

When they told me what was wrong, I told them with full assurance that I understood. I felt the exact same way. Then I gave them the best advice, from experience, on what will help- the only thing you can do is take some medicine and rest.

Most of my children took my word for it. But one… one was confident he was the only one who had experienced this pain. He was confident that he knew what to do.

He was also a little upset when good `ole mom told him that was NOT what he was going to do. Then he was in full shock, when he woke up feeling better.

I’d love to be the one to say I told you so, but I can’t.  I can’t even count the number of times I have just not wanted to take the advice from someone who has just walked the walk I am about to embark on.

I’m not them.

I know better.

I have this, that, and that going for me.

Pride. Pride tells me that I am different. Pride tells me that I know better. Pride tells me that I can do it on my own. Pride leads us all down the path of destruction.

I bet you can relate too. You are in a difficult time. Someone reaches out to you who has been there.

It doesn’t make the pain any better. But it is comforting to know that they got through it. Their presence gives you hope and peace.

But then a little lie slips through your mind.  Suddenly, you start feeding that lie and feeding your flesh. That hope that was given is instantly ripped away.

But is it really? Or does it just appear that way?

All you really have to do is lay down that pride and listen. But that’s hard.

Parenting is a journey I am so grateful for! Everyday I feel like this position helps me draw nearer to God while also teaching me about the character of God, Our Father. 

My child! I love him! He’s so much like me. I know exactly what he needs. I kinda want to just shake him… but sadly, I have to just let him figure it out for himself while providing what he needs.

 God does this same thing… even in my stubbornness. 

Though I can not possibly wrap my mind around all the ways God works, one way I have seen Him at work time and time again is through His people.

I can recall several instances when people randomly walked up to me with a handwritten note and scripture on it. God had a message for me, and He delivered it through one of His disciples.

I can also recall several times someone just randomly reached out to me to tell me I was on their heart, when I really needed some prayer.

I can recall other times when finances were tight and a (not-so-random) person blessed us by paying for our groceries, blessed us with clothing, or gave us a financial blessing.

I had to learn a long time ago, to let go of my pride and allow others to bless me. And since doing so, I have seen God come through and provide, bless, and generously give.

It’s not always easy. Especially when that blessing is advice I don’t want.

I may appear to be listening, but let me just say, I may not be following that advice you gave me.

Never mind the fact that I know you went through the exact same thing. I know that God pulled you through that situation and your faith is stronger for it… I am different. I want to do things my own way… until I can’t anymore…

But, that’s the amazing thing about our God. He really desires a relationship with His creation. So no matter how far we slip, how much we mess up, he will take us back and restore that relationship immediately. Jesus’ blood already covers that sin. And the next one. And the one after that.

Don’t let those little lies separate you from a loving Father who continually gives us hope! Accept the blessings from others, especially if it is loving advice from someone who has walked the walk you are walking. 

As you enter this New Year, I encourage you to reflect on this. Your heavenly Father desires a relationship with you and will provide for all you need. Draw nearer to Him and watch as He provides for all those things you need and even some that you want. Embrace the relationships and advice from seasoned Christians. Accept the blessings. Pray. Never stop praying.