I stood in the kitchen this morning super-gluing back together my daughter’s teapot that had broken… again. As I looked at this teapot that has now broken twice, I wondered how many more time I would get to glue thing back together again.

See, my older two daughters were each given a tea-set for Christmas. But not just any tea-set. A tea-set that they got to paint and decorate how they wanted. In their eyes, they made these teacups, plates, and the teapot.

So, when it broke, my daughter was upset. But I knew that I could fix it with a little bit of super glue. And I knew it would make her ridiculously happy to have HER teapot back. Fast-forward a few hours to the next time it broke- she wasn’t upset, she just came straight to me and asked me to fix it.

As I stared at this teapot, I realized that my daughter doesn’t care how many times that it gets broken. She only cares that it is fixed.

Likewise, God doesn’t care how broken we are or how many times we get broken. He only cares that you let Him out you back together again. You are HIS! His masterpiece. His creation. Perfectly and wonderfully made.

Yes, we live in a fallen world. Yes, we will get hurt. Yes, we will feel broken.

But fall into the arms of your Creator. Let Him put you back together again. Whole and complete! Fully loved by our wonderful Creator!