Last week we had a new internet service installed. When the installer showed up, my husband asked him to move our router and modem upstairs. He pulled out our bookshelf to expose the outlets and wiring system. He also exposed… an area I am not sure I have cleaned behind in at least a year…

I thought about leaving it. I mean when the guy was finished, we were just going to put the bookshelves back. I was comfortable siting on the couch doing nothing. I really didn’t want to stop, get up, and clean it up.

 But then I looked at all the stuff that had fallen back there. And the dust. I couldn’t leave it. I had to clean it up. It took less than 2 minutes. It really was no big deal.

But my natural reaction was to leave it alone and cover it back up.

I’m pretty sure we can all relate here. When our weaknesses get exposed, our natural reaction is to cover it up. When our insecurities get exposed, we pretend those don’t exist. When our sin gets exposed, we try to hide it.  

We see the very first example of this is Genesis. When Adam and Eve sinned and they heard God’s voice, they hid and covered themselves. Our fleshly instincts tell us to hide and cover up that mistake.

Leaving an area of hurt, struggle, or pain open in uncomfortable.

But we were not called to be comfortable. In fact, I am learning that God calls us where we are not comfortable in order to fully depend on Him AND so He will be glorified!

This semester was my first semester in Grad School. I can’t fully explain it, but philosophy was placed on my heart. So, that is my major- Philosophy and Apologetics. As the semester started and even halfway through the semester, I kept thinking, “I am not smart enough to be in Grad school.” I prayed and prayed that God would allow me to change my major. You know, I bet education would be fun. But time and time again, I was led back to philosophy.

As this semester comes to a close, I can say I learned A LOT! I am actually really proud of the work I turned in, and I am excited to see what else this journey has in store for me.

But just a few months ago, I wanted to run. I wanted to hide. I was exposed and uncomfortable. I even questioned what God had asked me to do.

I say this to tell all you who feel exposed- Steady the course. Whatever God is doing in your life, see it through. Whether that is exposing a sin and helping you overcome it. Or calling you out into the waters where you think you can’t swim. He is leading. He is doing a good work in you, and He will see it through to completion. Trust Him. Obey Him. Lean into Him.