My kids love to draw! They are constantly making me pictures.  Some of which I am like “OOOO what is it?” And others in which I am like, “WOW! That looks exactly like ____.” A few of them are actually becoming quite the artist.

Well, today, one of my children gave me her drawing. It looked awesome. She was drawing the back yard and coloring it in. However, it was really noticeable the drawing was incomplete. She only colored about ¼ of the sky.

“Oh it’s looking great!” I said. “Is it finished?”


“Well, sweetheart, why are you giving it to me if it isn’t finished?”

“I don’t want to do it anymore.”

Hmmm… she doesn’t want to do the drawing she started anymore, so she tried to give it to me and get out of it… Seems odd. Seems like an undesirable gift. Maybe she meant well in the beginning, but is it really wise to give someone an unfinished project with no intent on completing it?

Seriously, as soon as I gave her back her project and asked her to finish it before giving it to me, I started wondering if this is what I seem like to God.

Well God, thanks for that assignment, but it’s too hard… here have it back.

Thanks for using me in this manner, but I’m bored with it… can I start something new?


Sometimes I need some God size persistence and patience when it comes to completing and following through with daily life assignments.

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14).”

I need to run the good race. I need to keep my eyes on the prize and diligently work on all the task God has place upon me:








I am learning that the mundane tasks are often the most important ones. How I live my life matters. My motive for how I live matters.

The tasks that feel out of my comfort zone are the ones I need to lean into the Lord more on.

However, I have also learned I have this problem with my feelings- I stuff them. Sometimes I’m not even sure why. It’s perfectly normal to worry, be scared, be upset. But I stuff them because I do not want to deal with them… however, I am fooling no one but myself…

See the last few weeks God has been placing the theme- “Do not fear” and “Have faith” on my heart. The Lord has been impressing on my heart that I need to have faith and trust Him. I have no reason to be afraid. He will sustain me.

However, me… I ‘m like…

Oh, I have faith. I believe God is who He says He is. I believe He is the Good Creator who loving made everything. Yet, I suck. We all suck. We sin, which separates us from God who desires a relationship with us. We all fall short of the Glory of God. Which is why God sent His only Son to redeem us. His blood on the cross covers my sins and now I can have eternal life and a relationship with God!

That’s not exactly what the have faith is referring too. Yes, the absolutes are the same. Yes, it is important to believe all that. But what about the day to day? The moment to moment?

My lack of faith comes from letting God be Lord of all. Every aspect of my life.

See, big changes are coming for my family.

I’m truly excited. However, I have apparently been suppressing some anxieties and worries about these changes.

I can lie to myself all day long… But God… He already knows. He is already impressing on me the message I need.

“laugh without fear of the future.”  You have strength and dignity, but that comes from the Lord. Trust Him with your future too. Do not fear the future.

“do not fear when the heat come.” You are planted by the water- God will sustain you. Do not fear.

“You of little faith…” as He alone calms the storm. Why are you afraid.

Listen, no one likes to be told when they are wrong… but God has been telling me that for weeks now. I need to have faith and trust Him fully in this new season of life!

I can’t give Him a half-colored drawing. I must fully commitment to see it through His ways. Always!