(This piece was a guest post on my friend Jenny’s blog, “The Life of a Christian Wife.” To see the full article, please click on the link at the bottom.) 

Last night was a “bath and shower night” for my younger kids. I told my 3-year-old to go get her towel. She ran over to the hall closet where I had neatly stacked all our clean towels. She reached for the purple towel…right in the middle of the stack…I watched her yank the towel and the whole stack of towels tumbled everywhere. Some landed on the floor, some on the shelf below, and others just all over the shelf.

I looked at the mess and asked her to help me pick it up. Well, a 3-year-old folding towels is pretty much a joke. She had her eyes on taking her bath and drying off with her purple towel. She may have stood there and handed me some towels, but ultimately, I was left to clean up the mess.

The image of the towels falling over (due to her fixation on a specific towel) has not left my mind.
How many times am I so fixated on my own wants and desires that I do not care how it affects others? How many times do my selfish desires leave a mess to clean up? And do I always stick around to clean up that mess?

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