A few weeks ago, my children came home from church with a plastic cup, soil, and a planted seed. Let me just be honest, I do not have a green thumb. When it comes to keeping plants alive… I am not so good at that… like… at all…

So we put the plants on the windowsill, and I let them be. However, I watched something even cooler- my kids.

I watched my children watch their plants, it became extremely obvious to me why Jesus used the analogy of faith growing like seeds. We can see it. And clearly at that!

1-They don’t all grow the same even under the same conditions.

2- Those seeds need nurtured. They need sunlight, air, soil, and water.  

3- And my last point- The plant must be protected from… well… little hands…  Plants do not need you to hover over them 24/7. They need room to grow. This is not one my kids really get. They want to over water their plants. They want to get them off the windowsill and touch them.   I can’t tell you how many times I have had to tell them to let their plants be.

Well, faith is the same way. It needs nurtured, but not by soil and sunlight. It needs nurtured by you so you can grow in a relationship with the Creator. Read you bible, pray, surround yourself with Christian influences.

But your faith is not the exact same as your neighbor’s faith. Don’t compare them. Embrace it. All you need is the faith of a mustard seed and you can say to that mountain to move and it will. So, whether your faith is looking like a solid oak or a seedling, don’t worry- it’s growth. Keep growing!

Ok, my third point- protect your faith. Make it a priority. You can’t let outside influences disrupt the growth of the plant. My kids want to water their plant when it doesn’t need water. They want to touch the plant when they are probably going destroy it. They mean well, but they do not know better.

The same is true for influences in your life. People, activities, entertainment… it can all be a good thing, if it gives your faith room to grow.  Sadly, some of those things will actually try to prevent that growth. Part of nurturing your faith is getting rid of the weeds. Maybe those things need replaced with things that will nurture your faith.

But don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith. God can do mighty things with your mustard seed of faith. Let Him show you how to grow that faith. Keep your eyes on Him.

In times like these, with uncertainty everywhere, there is one thing that remain constant- the love of our Heavenly Father who is in complete control. Plant seeds of faith and let them grow!  

Lord, thank you for showing us our faith can grow like seeds. Rooted in truth. Nurtured by love. Lord keep us all growing towards your Light!