Title: Jesus Loves the Little Children; A Chosen Story

Author: Dallas and Amanda Jenkins

Illustrator: Kristen Hendricks

Summary: Abigail talks a lot. A LOT. So when she meets Jesus for the first time, she talks about him to every kid she can find. Together the children gather at Jesus’s campsite and discover that even Abi, with all her words, couldn’t have fully described the wonder and wisdom and fun they would find there.

Based on episode three of the groundbreaking TV show, The Chosen, this book will provide little readers with a new experience of Jesus—his kindness, his sense of humor, his availability, and his love for “the least of these”—through the eyes of children just like them.

My thoughts: Let me start with my thoughts on The Chosen (the television show). The Chosen is a crowd-funded television show portraying the life of Jesus and His followers. I love this show!!! I would recommend it to any Christian as long as you remember this is entertainment based on the Bible. It is not the Bible but BASED on the Bible. Think historical fiction. The events that are recorded in history are accurate. The rest is within the lines of what could have happened during this time.

I share all that because this book comes from on Season 1 Episode 3, which is embellished. If you have seen this episode, you will recognize the story immediately.

 Jesus Loves the Little Children is a very cute story rooted in biblical truths. The illustrations beautifully complement story which is written perfectly for kids to relate to and understand. My favorite part of this book is that Abigail tells EVERYONE about Jesus and the children WALK with Him! These are two very important things I want my kids to know: You can walk with Christ AND tell your friends about Jesus!

So how did my kids like it? My girls (7, 6, and 4) love this book! I have read it to them more times than I can count. There is just something about seeing Jesus with children that makes this book extremely appealing to them. I thought that my girls were the ones who got the most out of this book. BUT when I went to go find it to write this review, I couldn’t find it on our family book shelves or in the girls’ room. Turns out my boys (10 and 9) had it in their room. So, all my kids 10-2 enjoyed this book. Yours probably will too.

Parent Tip: Read it with your kids.