Any bakers out there? I have found myself baking from scratch a lot more often lately. Since I learned of a dairy intolerance in several of my children, I have had to check the labels on everything! And I have just found it easier to make it from scratch with dairy free alternatives like almond milk and plant butter.

You know what I realized? Almost all baking recipes are flour. Cake- mostly flour with some sugar, eggs, milk, and butter. Cookies- same. Pie crust- flour and butter. Flour is the main ingredient in just about every baking dish I have tried to make. (Yes, I say tried- I am not a great baker.)

So, I ask: What’s the main ingredient in your life?

If you claim to be Christian and didn’t answer God or Jesus, your answer is wrong.

Our lives are so full. Family. Friends. Work. School. Hobbies. Oh, and church… So many times, our lives show that God is our milk or butter, not our flour. We add Him to our lives instead of adding the other ingredients to our life with Him!

God is not a supporting ingredient. He is the main ingredient. He is what gives us our fill. He is what makes the cake a cake, the cookie a cookie. Without Him, life falls apart.

If He is not the main ingredient in your life, may I suggest a heart posture change.

Life with God will compliment your other areas of life. Your relationships, your work, your hobbies, all of it can still be important in your life with God on the throne of your heart.

He is a good God who loves you and desires to be first in your life. However, He gave you free will and it is your choice whether or not to let Him be the Lord of your life.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Matthew 6:33