Well, I’m not sure if I’m an awesome mom or crazy. While playing outside one of my children was collecting twigs. Another said, “Hey we could paint with these! Mom, can we paint with twigs?”

“Sure!” I said pulling out the paints and blank papers.

Well, guess what? The twigs do not work like paint brushes.

This really frustrated my oldest two who had images in their minds of what to paint.

But my younger ones, embraced it. They immediately scrapped their “idea” of what they thought they should do and started making a painting based on what the material allowed.

When they were finished, my artsy girl looked at me and said, “That’s the thing about art- you get messy, but it looks good.”

That’s the thing about art… that’s the thing about life… it’s messy.

When we get out of our comfort zones, we are easily frustrated. Sometimes we even throw in the towel and say, “This stick just will not work with that paint. I quit.”

But if you just stick around long enough to learn how to use that stick with that paint- you will get a masterpiece.

Who gave the paintbrush it’s purpose? (Its maker.)

Who gave those paints their function? (Their designer.)

Who told you that you could only paint with a paintbrush?

Who designed you?

Who gave you your purpose?

It’s easy to forget that we are the masterpiece… not the Great Artist. God is creating beauty using things you could never imagine. Maybe you don’t see how that stick, that friend… that coworker… that obstacle… can be used in your masterpiece. Maybe you are out of your comfort zone

Let me offer you some encouragement- you don’t have to create the masterpiece. You just need to be the clay in the hands of the Potter. Be moldable. Be open. Listen. Pray.

Maybe He will ask you to join that Bible study… Maybe He’s asking you to talk to that coworker about Jesus…. Maybe He’s telling you to be still and pour into your children. Whatever the Lord is speaking into your heart, trust Him. It may seem messy to you, but He is the Potter, we are the clay.