My current Bible study hit me hard with this truth- Partial obedience is disobedience.

If I tell my kid to go clean his room, and he only picks up his dirty clothes- has he been obedient? No, he still has toys all over the place.

Why do I treat God that same way?

Well, I did get up and read my Bible… yes, but did you rush that study? Did you spend time with God in prayer?

Well, I did go to church. Yes, but did you fellowship with the other believers? or just check that box?

Well, I am really busy… doing what?— scrolling on my phone? watching reruns?

Praise God that while we were still sinners Christ died for us! As long as we live in this broken world we will struggle with our sin nature, but that should not be an excuse to be disobedient. If you love Him, do what He says.

I want to have faith that works. Not just say I have faith. I want my life to be an overflow of that faith.

I want to walk in full obedience… but man that’s not always easy.