Title: Three Gifts for Abigail

Author: Allison Romero

Illustrator: Gloria Elliott

Summary: Excited to spend a special day with family, Abigail hurries downstairs where she finds a surprise waiting for her on the living room table. As she uncovers each of the three gifts in the bright yellow wicker basket, she celebrates a wonderful and essential message in the morning’s retelling of the Easter story.

My Thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book! This book walks with Abigail on Easter Morning as her parents intentionally gift her three gifts and walk her through the Gospel. I love that the Easter story started in the Garden of Eden with sin and moved to the cross, the first gift in her basket. The second gift, a gemstone, reminds Abigail of the stone rolled away. However, my favorite part was the the third gift, candy, which was for Abigail to share, because we are to share the good news of Jesus with others.  

Three intentional, meaningful gifts designed to teach Abigail the true meaning of Easter and Christianity!

Illustrations: I cannot give a review on this book without mentioning the illustrations! My kids have read thousands upon thousands of books! We are regular library goers. I can count, on one hand, the number of books that depict a multiracial family. There is a serious need for books that represent multiracial families, and this book fulfills that need beautifully! Thank you to Allision Romero and Gloria Eliot for putting a great resource on my kids’ bookshelf!

How did my kids like it? Well on Palm Sunday, they pulled this book off the shelf and insisted on reading it together. Then they asked if we could do this on Easter. They enjoyed it and remembered it!

Parent Tip: This book is an amazing discipleship tool for parents on Easter morning sharing the Gospel and creativity giving purpose to the items in your child’s Easter basket! However, you don’t have to wait until Easter to share this book with your kids. The Gospel is a message meant to be shared every day!