So many times we hear the story of Peter walking on water and the focus is Peter taking his eyes off Jesus, focusing on the storm, and sinking. Good message. Keep your eyes on Jesus not your circumstances. But Peter has a lot more to show us here.

What if we looked at it for what he did right?

First, he had faith to know if Jesus told him to walk on water, he could. He knew Jesus and trusted Him!

Second, when Jesus said, “Come,” he came. He was obedient.

Yes, he was afraid when the wind came… who wouldn’t be?!? He’s walking on water!

But when he began to sink, he called out to the Lord for help, “Lord, save me.”

AND then IMMEDIATELY, Jesus reached out His hand and caught him.

Walking with Christ is not just a “Yes, I believe and now I will continue my life as I want.”

No, it’s following Him every day, seeking to accomplish His will— to make Christ known. We have to have the faith because we know Jesus and His abilities/power. AND we must have faith to know we can do it whenever (and where-ever) we are called.

But it doesn’t stop there. Next, we have to do it! We have to step out of the boat in faith!

Yes, we are going to be called to situations that are scary, hard, and look intimidating, but if the Lord calls you to it, He will see you through it.

And when you do need help, be like Peter and call out for help. He sees you! He hears you! He is with you!